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A woman of South African descent is standing in front of a white brick wall smiling. She has short hair and is wearing a whote tshirt that reads Seed Waikato. Her name is Tania and she is the CEO of Seed.

Tania Pointon

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How would your friends describe you in a couple of sentences?
A lover of life, positive, chatty and always asking questions.
If you could be a crayon, what colour would you be?
Do they have multi-coloured rainbow crayons now?  Every colour is a gift.
What do you spend your time on?
Hanging out with my hubby and kids, morning yoga and immersing myself in personal growth development.  Taking my little dog for beach and river walks.
Where is your favourite place in the Waikato?
Raglan and the viewing platform @ Te Toto Gorge.

Who inspires you?
My daughter and son - they are my teachers.
What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
Choosing to step out of an abusive relationship.
What’s the one thing you've learnt lately that's made a big difference on your journey?
How leaning in to connection and understanding always results in the best outcome imaginable.

What inspired you to join Seed Waikato?
Seeing and feeling the essence of the movement.
What’s the best thing you bring to Seed Waikato?
Being the space holder and support giver as we explore our authenticity together.

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