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In the foreground there are two girls hugging, one is wearing a hijab and youy can see the back of her head, the other has blonde curly hair and has her eyes closed with a smile on her face. There are two girls in the background, one looking at the two hugging fondly and the other facing another group of people out of the photo


Providing connection and tools to live your best life with a sense of purpose. 

What are Seasons?

Community generated “Seasons” – by young people, for young people - providing connection and tools to live your best life with a sense of purpose. Within each season we design and enable community workshops, digital content and resources to inspire and guide to you to unlock your potential. 

Community Workshops

Our workshops smash inspiration with collective action.  You’ll get to learn cool stuff that matters and connect with other members of the Seed Waikato whaanau.  It’s a place to challenge your perspective, share your insights and experiences, and a place to get and give support.  Everyone is welcome – jump in here to find out more! 

Digital Spaces 

Looking for some guidance, facing a challenge, or just want something to inspire you today?

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Check out our blog for heaps of great insight from young people dreaming big and taking action. 

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