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A group of 19 diverse people of different ages, ethinicities and cultures sitting and standing together cheering with big smiles on their faces. Everyone has their hands up as if they are cheering.


Thank you to our incredible Governance Team who volunteer their time to support our organisation.

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Pratishtha Purohit
A male wearing a suit and tie smiling for the camera. His hand is placed on his tie. He has dark hair, glasses and facial hair.
Arnold Andrews
A woman standing in front of the camera smiling with greenery in the background. She is wearing a pink hijab.
Madiha Ali
A young woman smiling for the camera, she has blonde curly hair pulled back from her face and is wearing a white collared shirt.
Rosalie Norton
A young woman smiles at the camera, she is wearing a green hijab and has dark features.
Rana Arif
A young wman stands in front of a tree wearing all black. She is smiling at the camera with her hair down around her shoulders and a pair of earrings on.
Abby Van De Ven
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