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An office space with certificates on the wall and plants on the ground featuring a wall with the words "Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. It's the only thing that ever has" from Margaret Mead painted alongside clip art drawings on computers, hands, explanation points, pencils and eyes


We're so incredibly grateful to those community funders who empower us to deliver on our dream in serving the young people of our region!

A logo of Wel Energy Trust. The word Wel is coloured a light and dark blue and is bug and bold. The words Energy trust are in orange and sit underneath the word Wel.
Trust Waikato logo, the words Trust Waikato are bold and in black. Underneath in orange is the words Te Puna O Waikato and to the left is two sets of multiple lines intersecting in the middle.
Hamilton City Council logo. The word Hamilton is in blue, while City Council is in green with the words Te kaunihera o Kirikiriroa underneath in a light blue
A koro shape with paua inside sits on top of the words Ministy of Youth Development in a navy blue. Underneath are the words Te Manatū Whakahiato Taiohi and underneath that is Administered by the Ministry of Social Development
Logo for Todd Foundation is navy with the word Todd larger than Foundation underneath. It has a picture of two lines on the left and the right with a circle on top making a person.
Len Reynolds Trust logo features a clip art line drawing of hills and a river with a sun on the horizon with the words Len Reynolds Trust in light green underneath
Logo for COGS features a large red koru as the 'o' with large letters C, G, S, Underneath is the words Community Organisation Scheme
The words Glenice and John Gallagher Foundation in black on a white background.

If you're passionate about young people and their development, and are interested in supporting Seed Waikato, please contact us.

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