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A group of people of all different ages, ethnicities and cultures standing and kneeling together smiling at the Te Aka Matua retreat in 2021

Te Aka Matua

Connecting leaders in youth innovation to create transformational change for rangatahi across Waikato

What is Te Aka Matua ?

Te Aka Matua is a collective of youth organisations within Waikato focused on the wellbeing and development of youth workers from a holistic point of view.

During COVID-19 lockdowns it was made apparent that youth workers were in demand more than ever therefore burnout, fatigue, and isolation became barriers to overcome on top of some heavy caseloads. 

How Te Aka Matua helps:

Te Aka Matua delivers wellbeing workshops, retreats, networking opportunities.
They focus on answering the calls of a valuable sector with some amazing, passionate people in it.

Digital Spaces 

Check out the Te Aka Matua website.

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