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A Maaori wahine standing at a lecturn talking passionately to a crowd. She has her dark hair tied up in a ponytail with a feather in it, and is wearing a white tshirt withe Seed Waikato in yellow on it. You can see the back of the crowds heads and a TV screen with a powerpoint playing.
Seeds for Change

Seeds for Change

A powerhouse of young people growing collective changemakers in Aotearoa 

What is Seeds for Change?

Seeds for Change is growing a network of social entrepreneurs and changemakers who believe equity is at the heart of thriving communities. We understand many of our systems have been designed to benefit certain communities whilst excluding others. We are supporting those working at transforming systems to create changes where everyone is valued, and can share their gifts in love and joy.  

Our mission is to strengthen and support the growing sector of Change Champions in Aotearoa. We believe our young people have a vital role to play in growing movements for systemic change.  It often takes many years to see the positive impact from systems change efforts – so our young people are the ones who will get to see and reap the benefits of their actions.

How do we do it? 

  • Whakawhaanaungatanga: The process of connecting and relationship building through empathy interviews and listening to each other’s stories

  • Mapping the Ecosystem: Developing an interactive digital map showing “who’s doing what” in Aotearoa’s systems change space  

  • Growing the Network: Making it easy for us to connect, support and learn from each other

  • Co-designing a National Hui:  Bringing changemakers across the motu together to share learn and grow

Want to know more?

Visit the Seeds for Change website and follow Seeds for Change on Facebook and Instagram.

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