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A person looking at a person off screen with lots of interest. They have short hair and are wearing a grey sweatshirt and are resting their chin in their hand. In the background there are many people also looking at the speaker.


As a catalyst for change, we believe in uplifting, empowering and encouraging young people to raise their voice on issues they care about.

A woman wearing a hijab standing in front of a whiteboard with colourful post it notes all over it. The woman is looking away from the camera.

These reports highlight the  innovations, achievements, and challenges as we continue our important work of delivering high-quality wellbeing events and programmes for the rangatahi in our rohe.

We convene different organisations and individuals to listen to the needs and aspirations of our community. Through publishing reports, our goal is that we see an evidence-based approach to strategy in working with and for young people.
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