We are deeply passionate about this movement. We all identify with the problems young people are facing and are committed to finding and testing solutions. We are grateful for the time, energy and investment from Ryan O’Connor, Alex Pole, Greg Johnston, Paloma Aeylon, Gaia ChurchMitchell GrahamJono Feast, Kenneth Yew, Dominic Wilshier, Louis Wilks, Samaria Mason, Michaela Latimer, Cindi O’Sullivan, and Holly Bennett in the development of Seed Waikato.



We believe in the power of collaboration to co-create something great for young people in the Waikato. If you want to have an active role with Seed Waikato, nau mai haere mai.

We also offer internships, so if you're interested in linking your studies with this movement, please also get in touch!

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