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Partnering with The Good Registry 

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We're so pleased to announce that we are a charity partner of The Good Registry, which means you can purchase Good Gift Cards, or give your event as a fundraiser, all supporting Seed Waikato to scale our impact! 

If every Kiwi replaced one $10 gift with a donation to a good cause, we'd share $47 million of goodness! Plus less wrapping and packaging going to landfill, less stress for gift-buyers and less clutter in our own homes. That's why The Good Registry exists - to partner with organisations like Seed Waikato, making giving simple, supporting causes, and reducing waste.

"We don't need more stuff, we need more humanity."
- Seth Godin

Through our partnership, you can give your event, whether that's a farewell, birthday, wedding, engagement, anniversary, baby shower or Christmas to Seed Waikato, or another one of their charity partners.

You can also purchase Good Gift Cards! You choose the donation amount, and the person you give the card to can make the donation. So you both get to do good, and feel good. Good Gift Cards can be redeemed to make donations to Seed Waikato, or another charity of your choice from their 50 charity partners. The Good Gift Cards make great corporate gifts for staff, customers and conferences or special events. Keep your Good Gift Card receipt as you may be eligible for a tax credit.

The Seed Waikato team is here to support you with your fundraising activities, and would love to tell your stories as enablers of this big dream of ours: a region where young people thrive. We can work together to write stories, share content on social media, promote the event your giving in our newsletter, and create epic videos celebrating your generosity!

Together, we can co-create a region where young people thrive. The time is now, and the answer is you.