Brittney Benn

Head of Accounting

Britt is a multitasker extraordinaire, genius accountant, and never fails to share her bubbly joy. Our movement (and our meetings) would never be the same without her. What fuels Brittney’s spark? We thought we’d ask her a couple of questions and find out.

Who inspires you?

My mother, Mrs Linaire Benn, is my role model and by far my biggest inspiration. She inspires and motivates me to grow without any barriers and be the truest and most authentic version of myself. My mum has taught me to look at life as a challenge and wholeheartedly seize every single day. My mum was one of my many teachers at Day Care from age 2-5. Most parents send their kids off to day care to get rid of them for a bit… but not my mum! Right from childhood my mum has been with me like a shadow. Not only has my mum helped me whenever I needed, both mentally and financially (lol), but she also taught me to help myself. To capture both the good and the bad, and use it as a lesson. She’s taught me how to be strong, how to hold myself when times get tough, and how to grow into the best Brittney I can be. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my mum, she has been my biggest supporter and best friend since day 1.

What do you spend your time on?

From roughly 5:30am (i know, crazy) till about 3pm I am a full time accountant for PKF Hamilton Limited. At about 3pm everyday, I pick up some incredible kids from school whom I look after 4 nights a week. I absolutely love children, I think I get that from my mum. They bring so much spontaneity and life to my day, and their imaginations keep me well on my toes. I am also in the process of studying towards my Chartered Accountancy (ugh) so I’m a pretty busy gal.

What colour crayon would you be and why?

Hands down the yellow crayon. Yellow is the colour of happiness and boy oh boy am I a ball of sunshine filled with laughter (so i like to think). I’m a glass half full kinda gal, always celebrate the small wins, spontaneous.. sometimes impulsive (eek) and like to think I’m the life of the party (big call). If that doesn’t scream Britt, I dunno what does.

If you’d like to get in touch with Brittney, you can email her at