Abby Van De Ven

Community Funding

Abby finds the dolla' to make us holla', and we're glad she's on our side. A law student, environmental crusader, and radical changemaker, Abby's a power woman who supports our dreams to come true by applying for community grants.

Who inspires you?

My grandmother. She's 95 and one of the most vivacious, sparkly, sassy humans I know. Her zest for life inspires me everyday.

Where is your favourite place in the Waikato?

I'm a fickle beast & this changes frequently. However it is currently the summit of the Hakarimata's. I die every time  but the feeling of accomplishment & dat view at the top is so rewarding.

What’s the best thing you bring to Seed Waikato?

I get the dolla to make Seed holla honey! So that's pretty cool. But aside from that I bring Snacks & Pizza & Zest & Inappropriate comments ✌

What do you spend your time on?

I've been having quite a lot of existential crisis's lately and they're quite time consuming. But what even is time... Jokes (but not really). Studying law full time keeps me busy. So does part time employment & all the side hustles I have in the pipeline. I'm time poor but otherwise generous 🙂

What's the coolest thing you're working on right now?

I'm currently working with the University of Waikato hustling to get the campus more environmentally sustainable! Think no more plastics, and community gardens....

Which colour crayon would you be?

I would be an organic, ethically sourced, fully compostable, eco friendly, green crayon💚

What inspired you to join Seed Waikato?

As a society, we are in desperate need of radical change and Seed Waikato is a part of that movement disrupting the status quo, striving towards improving the lives of the youth in our community. I joined to be involved in that movement!

What does Seed Waikato mean to you?

In a world that can sometimes seem so pessimistic & bleak, Seed Waikato turns that on it's head and gives me immense hope for the future. I continue to be inspired & motivated by the Seed whānau and all the incredibly imperative projects we have in the works.

If you’d like to contact Abby about community funding, environmental issues or just to ask a few questions, her email is