Joseph Monise

Co-Head of Fundraising

Noa’ia te ne gagaj atakoa

**Hello to our community**

Gou fa ne Saukama, Juju, Rotuma

**I hail from my village Saukama, one of seven districts Juju, on the tropical island of Rotuma**

Joseph is a proud Rotuman (Paradise of the coast of Fiji), who is passionate about nurturing future leaders of Oceania in the Waikato, rewriting the narrative of what it means to be Pacific Islander in New Zealand. Joseph wants to empower and enhance indigenous communities to showcase their rich history and culture, which makes the people of Oceania so uniquely different. Building bridges between languages, perspectives, and a space to Talanoa (korero, communicate) but also reserving the authenticity of each island from the Pacific Ocean. Joseph aims to connect, learn, and grow with the Seed Waikato community through food and storytelling.

Faiak se’ea (Thank you)

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