Louis Wilks


Louis grew up in Auckland. At age 19 he dropped out of Auckland Uni and left to work over in the UK for two years. When he returned he was still unsure about tertiary education and i got a job working as a garbage collector. His boss had studied at University of Waikato and always spoke very highly about Hamilton. A few months later he moved down. Four years later he finished his Management degree and has never looked back. He's currently working in a handful of startups and really enjoying it.

Louis' motivation comes from first hand experience. In Auckland he was disenfranchised and didn’t know where to connect with other like-minded people. That’s the first reason why he likes the vision behind Seed Waikato. Secondly, he believes the Waikato is still suffering from a poor brand perception - internally and externally.

"Millennials living here seek to be apart of something bigger than themselves, and a lot of the time we think it’s in greener pastures outside the Waikato".

He hopes Seed Waikato can be the vehicle that helps us to realise that all the help and opportunity we need to be change-makers is right here in the booming Waikato.