Kendyl Morris

Learning and Development

Kendyl is passionate about the learning and development of young people. Kendyl is a teacher of English and History at Rototuna Junior High whose vision is to 'empower our people to be connected, collaborative, community-minded learners inspired to soar'. Kendyl works actively to innovative the New Zealand education system, re-designing the curriculum for stronger outcomes. Kendyl brings a wealth of knowledge on learning and development frameworks alongside her facilitation skills to the Seed Waikato team. She believes that Seed Waikato will create a space for movers and shakers to come together and imagine a brighter future for this amazing city we live in. For Kendyl, being a part of this journey comes from a place of great connection, she was born and raised in the Waikato, is proud to be a part of this community and is invested in seeing our place and our people thrive. Seed Waikato is a call to action, one that she is excited to answer.