Dominic Wilshier


Dominic believes that Seed Waikato is a very special movement that will be able to create meaningful change in the lives of today’s youth- and by extension, improving the state of society. By creating a network and ensuring that everyone has a place they can call their own, Seed Waikato is creating a prosperous and happy future for New Zealanders.

“I think this would be a better world if we’d all be more open about our weird hobbies, we might find that perhaps they are not as weird as we imagine.” – Ben Crowshaw

Dominic Wilshier is a third-year management student at the University of Waikato, studying Marketing and Strategy. He grew up in both Australia and New Zealand, and spent a year working at an international high school in Canada. His hobbies include sound and lighting for drama and musicals, and music and lighting design