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Sun Salute are dedicated to teaching the art of Ashtanga yoga. Classes are available in traditional self-practice sessions and teacher led classes. We also have gentle Hatha and Yin yoga classes, meditation sessions and more. 

Yoga practice involves discipline – a sustained effort to still and relieve tensions of the mind and body. Via the awareness that meditation brings and by touching your toes, bending your spine and so forth, one starts to unwind the years that have wrapped or bound us to things that no longer matter. Somehow in the stillness of making these physical shapes and the quiet of listening only to your breath and how you feel, things start to look a little different.


Attend any class in the timetable below!

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Through our collaboration, the cost to attend is $5 per class, to be paid with cash.


Phone Katie on 021 1207 131, or via, or connect on Facebook.

Sun Salute is located down Lovegrove Lane off Grey Street in the heart of Hamilton East.