Do you want to play a role in improving the mental wellbeing and community connectedness of young people across the Waikato? You can create a transformational impact! We need your help to fund our next chapter in growing our events, education, and volunteering opportunities, and payroll giving is a simple and easy way for you to give back.


Through payroll giving, you can donate any amount to Seed Waikato out of your regular pay. With other forms of donating, you usually have to wait until the end of the tax year to claim your tax rebate. Payroll giving means you get the tax advantages straight away!

If your donation is more than $5, you receive a third of the donation amount as an immediate tax rebate.  For example, if you donate $15 to us through payroll giving, you’ll receive a $5 tax credit, and you’ll have a $10 reduction in your take-home pay.


  • Choose how much you want to donate and how often

  • Your employer or payer (if you get schedular payments) deducts the money on your behalf and passes it onto Seed Waikato

  • For every dollar you donate you get 33.33 cents back as a tax credit. The credit reduces the amount of PAYE or withholding tax you pay

  • You don't need to do anything at the end of the tax year as you've already received the tax credits.


Offering payroll giving supports staff loyalty, creates a positive perception with employees, clients and suppliers, and demonstrates your commitment to the community by taking part in philanthropy. Why should you set-up payroll giving?

  • We’re the third most generous country in the world. Offering Payroll giving makes it easy and simple for your employees to give back

  • 72% of employees will have a stronger sense of loyalty to their company when the company gives back to their community by supporting a charity

  • 82% of the public say they would be more likely to buy products and services from a company shows its support towards a charity that they care about


If you want to empower your employees to participate in Payroll giving, you can match your employees’ donations dollar for dollar. Matched donations are also tax deductible for your business.


  1. How much is the minimum donation to be eligible to receive tax credits?


  2. How much is the credit that will be deducted from my PAYE?

    33% of your donation ($5 min)

  3. Is there a maximum amount of tax credits that you can receive in a year?

    Yes, the total tax credits an individual can claim is capped at one third of their total taxable annual income. For example if you earn $42,000 per year you will not be able to claim credits of more than $14,000 per financial year.

  4. What will I get in return for making a regular donation?

    Aside from the good feels? Quarterly reports to see where the money is going, impact stories, and invite to an exclusive annual event. Oh yeah.


Drop our Head of Payroll Giving a line, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours:


We’re looking for a small group of employees and employers to sign up, and help us pilot this new initiative. If that’s something you want to be part of, thank you. You absolute legend. Drop your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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