Rotary Hamilton East Hears About Seed Waikato



Guest speakers Gemma Slack and Ken Yew informed Rotary Hamilton East  about “Seed Waikato”.

An organisation they started about a year ago, with the aim to help young people aged 18 to 30, to live in the Waikato.

Who can join the group, their strategy, and vision for the future.

They organised events and their promotion through an active website. Gemma and Ken spoke about who can join the group, their strategy, and vision for the future.  Their presentation was complemented by two videos). 


Seed Waikato is a newly established not-for-profit organisation with a dream to see young people thrive in the Waikato. We are focused on connecting and growing 18-30(ish) year olds with monthly inspirational, story-telling events, and with our website, the home of young culture.

Our Question

Seed Waikato started with a couple of young people in the Waikato asking each other a question: What’s missing from young culture?

We soon learned that we weren’t the only ones asking. Across the Waikato we can feel the energy. Young people are searching for opportunities to thrive. Chances to connect and grow. Find like-valued people. Fun things to do. and events with a purpose. Young people want to hear from inspirational mentors. Have access to empowering resources. Give back to our community.

The Answer is You

Seed Waikato is a movement that aims to unite young people under a common vision. To build a collective who redefine what it means to be young, here and now. Who challenge, inspire, and encourage each other. We want to create and highlight the spaces and opportunities needed to make the vision a reality.

Our Future is Now

Our vision is a vibrant Waikato for young people, powered by young people. That the vision can be real today. The future is ours for the making if we start now.

We invite the 18-30(ish) year olds living here and now, to join us, to co-create a Waikato where young people thrive. We're kicking off with inspirational monthly events, and our website is the home of young culture, where you’ll find local bloggers, groups, and resources that all move us towards our shared vision.