Dear Baby Boomers and Generation X


The Waikato Story | 06 August 2018

Dear Baby Boomers and Generation X

You are the generations born between 1946 - 1976

You inherited a world that was in strife, one that was fresh out of war, one that was struggling to keep peace, one that was wondering if nuclear bombs would one day fall from the sky.

From this uncertainty you found structure.

You laid a foundation on which our world has rebuilt upon, on which New Zealand has been able to thrive.

We thank you for all that you have done for us.

But your job is not yet done.

We, the largest generation in human history need your help.

At present, the Waikato region and Aotearoa as a whole, finds itself at a crossroads, with half of our nation's population now under 35.

A changing of the guard is coming, and we cannot step into your big shoes without your support.

We are facing issues different to the ones that you grew up with, and while we are no doubt apart of the problem, that too must mean we are part of the solution.

You and I, we see the world differently and while many are quick to shy away from this, we ask you to seek it out, to celebrate the friction that is born from our differences.

We are not asking for you to step aside, but rather, make room for us to stand beside you.

Open your boardroom doors, we want a seat at the table.

Look up from your strategic plan, see our youth as value added.

Let go of the status quo, welcome our collective wisdom.

Be apart of the disruption.

If we become wise it will be because we have learnt from your mistakes.

If we experience success it will be because we have stood on the shoulders of giants who came before us.

If we become the greatest problems solvers on this planet it will be because you trusted us to carry this nation forward.

Our legs are young and our dreams are urgent, for that, we thank you.

There was a lot at stake when you inherited this world and this nation, and there is a lot at stake now.

A single generation can not face these problems alone.

We must face them together.

We must accept that everybody has a place at this table, for when we do, we will liberate our innovative spirit, collaborate across generations, and unleash our creativity to become the greatest problems solvers of tomorrow.

Our footprints on this earth will determine what future generations say about us.

Let them say we walked side by side.

Sincerely, millennials.