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A woman of European descent stands in front of a white brick wall smiling. She has long dark hair and is wearing dangly earrings and a white tshirt that says Seed Waikato

Hayley James

Digital Coordinator
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How would your friends describe you in a couple of sentences?
Bubbly, excited and always ready to put my all into whatever I am doing. They would describe me as very passionate.
If you could be a crayon, what colour would you be?
Yellow!! It's bright and happy and full of life.
What do you spend your time on?
I love to read, to write and to learn. I'm always finding something new to learn about as well as going on adventures with my boyfriend.
Where is your favourite place in the Waikato?
Anywhere with a waterfall! The top of Wairere Falls is so gorgeous any time of the day.
Who inspires you?
Jess Molina, she is a blogger/content creator and writer who tells inclusive and intersectional stories and inspires me when creating my own content (and just living my life) to include everyone and to do everything I can so the youth grow up feeling confident and seen.
What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
Quitting a job that wasn't right for me to study. I went from a full time job (and full time pay) to studying full time and it was terrifying, but has been so good. I didn't know whether it was going to be the right decision but I took the leap anyway
What’s the one thing you've learnt lately that's made a big difference on your journey?
Sometimes you have to be selfish and think of yourself. You can't be a helpful, caring and loving family member/community member/friend etc. if you aren't taking care of yourself first.
What inspired you to join Seed Waikato?
I love what Seed brings to the community, after going to a few events and feeling so welcome and loved in the space I knew I had to be a part of it. It's hard to make friends as an adult and Seed is a place to be yourself and make incredible friends along the way.
What’s the best thing you bring to Seed Waikato?
I bring energy, and my zest for life. I am a hugely passionate person and I love bringing that energy to Seed events and the team.
What's been a highlight for you so far at Seed Waikato?
Our Seed Retreat, it was such an open space for us to truly be ourselves and there was absolutely zero judgements. After the Seed retreat I knew I had found a home away from home in the team.
What does Seed Waikato mean to you?
Seed means a lot to me, it means lifelong friends and opportunity. It means being able to give back to the community in such a cool and exciting way, and see everyone grow into the best versions of themselves.
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