A region where young people thrive. That's our dream for the Waikato. And we know we can't do it alone. So that's why we're taking the time to profile some of the Waikato's epic millennial groups, to give you the opportunity to find your tribe, attend cool events, develop yourself, and give back through volunteering. If you're a group that would like to be profiled, fill out the form here.

More coming soon!


Zeal Hamilton

We are a family of passionate, creative misfits who believe that every young kiwi is creative and who dedicate our lives to helping them discover, express and develop their unique creativity.


Te Hūmeka Waikato Māori Business Network

We provide a platform for Māori businesses to network on a local, national and international scale. Our vision is empowering Māori business in the Waikato to lead the world


YWCA of Hamilton

We support the empowerment and development of women and girls in Hamilton.



We exist to empower young people to have positive employment experiences, to be protected in their workplaces from exploitation, and to understand how to address workplace conflicts and cultivate positive employment relationships.