Will you give today?

We need your support to grow our impact. By giving to Seed Waikato, you're making a meaningful difference in the lives of young people right here in the Waikato.  Your donation will enable us to grow our events, resources and partnerships to build capacity in young people. As a registered charity (CC55322), you can claim 1/3 of your donation back! 

You can make a donation giving one-off or monthly, via internet banking, or via payroll giving with Momentum Waikato.

During her time as Chief Executive of Momentum Waikato, Cheryl Reynolds had been gifting 10% of her salary back to the foundation through payroll giving as an easy way to make a difference to the causes that matter to her, one of which was Seed Waikato.

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"I believe in the next generation. The millennials are the largest generation on living record, and I want to do everything I can to support, challenge and encourage them to drive the urgent change that we all seek. I am humbled to be able to do my bit and help our young people shape our world into a more beautiful place our hearts know is possible."

You can give via the donations form on this page, via our ASB account #12-3152-0242512-00, or contact Momentum Waikato to set-up payroll giving! Families, businesses and individuals can give like Cheryl through payroll giving. 

Together, we can build the eco-system for success for the millennial generation. Thank you for believing in this movement, and donating today!


Partnership with The Good Registry

We are a charity partner of The Good Registry, which means you can purchase Good Gift Cards, or give your event, all generating much needed funds to grow our impact.

Through our partnership, you can give your event, whether that's a farewell, birthday, wedding, engagement, anniversary, baby shower or Christmas to raise funds for your favourite charity.

The Good Gift Cards make great corporate gifts for staff, customers and conferences or special events. Keep your Good Gift Card receipt as you may be eligible for a tax credit.

It’s all about reducing waste around gifts, with less wrapping and packaging going to landfill, less stress for gift-buyers and less clutter in our own homes. They make giving simple, supporting causes, and reducing waste.

Big aroha to our birthday pledgers, and event fundraisers for 2018 and 2019:

Round The Bridges 2018 | $2353 raised

JessetrampsNZ | $2407 raised

Rach’s Birthday Giving | $150 raised

Hana’s Birthday | $400 raised

Gemma Major’s 27th Birthday | $1049.70 raised

William’s Birthday Gift Party | $295.60 raised

Amber’s Birthday Gift of Giving | $250 raised

Caitlin Roa’s 24th Birthday | $244 raised

Rosalie’s 15th Birthday Celebration | $140 raised