Tim Young | Hamilton City Council | Hamilton East

This blog is part of a series of blogs profiling all candidates standing for Councils across the region who are 35 or under as we aim to increase youth engagement in local politics. Seed Waikato is non-partisan.

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Tim is experienced in educational psychology and game development. Trained with a Master of Science in Psychology and PGCertEdPsych from Massey University, Tim has used his skills to develop an educational video game, a youth innovation challenge, the NZ curriculum review, and give motivational speeches at schools. Tim's educational video game, Rocket Island, is available to download on Google Play Store and Steam. He is now running for Hamilton City Council with policies to transition to green technologies, prepare the city for disruptive technologies, and increase accessibility for the aging population.

With experience in educational psychology, social entrepreneurship, and game development, Tim is rolling for Hamilton City Council to bring scientific literacy, urgency and 'A Young perspective'. His policies include transitioning to green technologies, preparing the city for disruptive technologies, and increasing accessibility for the increasing aging population.

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