Maryana Garcia - Pace and Place

Who doesn’t envy the life of a travel blogger? Well, a couple of months ago, I got to live the dream. I got a little taste of travel writing. This Easter 2019 was a life-changing time for me. Not only did I have the opportunity to journey to Rome on pilgrimage, but I also had the chance to visit Madrid, Torreciudad, and Barcelona in Spain. It was a time of reflection, of inspiration, and of wonder.

Maryana Garcia - The Art of Expression

Last Sunday I had the joy of sharing my story with a bunch of dreamers and doers at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival. I was stomach churning nervous and my hands were shaking so much that I thought I might do an unintentional #micdrop. But the sun shone on the day (both literally and figuratively), and I enjoyed every second of it.

Maryana Garcia - #LitReads: The 2018 Edition

Last year, I shared with you my favourite kind of list: The Book List. Now, 2018 is quickly drawing to a close. Summer is (sometimes? almost?) here. There are holidays and festivities coming up. It’s time to start some new habits, or rekindle some old ones. It’s time for reflecting on the busy year and all its ups and downs. It’s time to read.

Maryana Garcia - My Instagram Story

In the nine months since I got an Instagram account, I’ve learnt heaps about myself, about the creative process, and about people. I’ve written things I didn’t think I could write. Seen stuff in ways I couldn’t have predicted. It’s been a conversational journey. And the ride is far from over.

Maryana Garcia - A Mindful Travelogue

When I first began this blog I made some promises. I promised readers "poetry, playlists, book reviews, mindful travelogues, creative events and opportunities for the Waikato’s young writers, readers and listeners." It's been nine months since that first post (woohoo!) and I think this blog has delivered on all those promises, except one. So it's about time that #LivingLit had a travelogue post, and Seed's #wellbeingmonth is the perfect time to do it. So let's get going!

Maryana Garcia - Creativity (like DIY) is in our DNA

Millennials are creatives. Now, you could have one of three reactions to that statement. 'YES!' or 'I wish.' or 'Heck no.' Obviously I wouldn't be writing this blog if I didn't agree with that first ecstatic expression of solidarity. Yes. I believe that creativity is in our DNA. I believe that not only are all Millennials capable of creative feats but we are one of the most creative generations yet. 

Maryana Garcia - Painting the H-Town

What can we learn from street art that will help us #LiveLit? It seems that Hamilton’s own brand of street art is not only about protest. It’s about celebration. The BOON Festival can teach us to find art where we are, in the here and now. To make art out of our everyday. To be the artists we want to see in Aotearoa.

Maryana Garcia - #LivingLit

If there is something I almost cannot live without, it's lists. And my favorite kind of list is the book list. So I have audaciously put together a list of 20 books that I think are worth picking up this summer. It's an entirely subjective list. But whether you're looking for a bestseller, a classic, something a little out of left field, or you're prepping for that next book to screen adaptation, I hope there is something in this list for you.