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Kia Pai To Ra: Journalling

One of the most common questions I have been getting back from podcast guests and followers on my Instagram has been around: “what is my daily process when it comes to journalling?” Like Blogging or podcasting, the short answer is just to start. However like most things first off; the ‘Why’ followed by ‘Where’ and ‘How’ are key points to execution.

Whēkau - Gut Health, Part 2

I was lacking protein in my diet. Yes I know, me, someone who often eats steak for breakfast was lacking in protein, but when you take into account the amount of physical activity I do and what my body is trying to maintain it is not surprising. So what did we do about it?

Whēkau - Gut Health, Part 1

Health to me comes in many aspects, the food I eat, the amount I move and the thoughts I have. Of late from listening to podcasts, reading a wide variety of articles and attending seminars with Ben Warren and Dr Libby, the importance of gut health and what affects the gut have moved further and further to the top of my consciousness.

Maryana Garcia - #LivingLit

“Millennials will save us all.” That was the underreported subtitle of Joel Stein’s TIME piece, The Me, Me, Me Generation. Stein’s article is probably one of the most popular articles written about our generation. And since it was on the front cover of TIME it must be true. We will save the world.

Ahotea: your heartache is a gift that should be explored

My name is Ryan O’Connor and I was born and raised in Invercargill, New Zealand, thus the nickname Stag. I have been involved in many ventures; sports, performing, speech, music, studying in Auckland and Dunedin, from this I have a gained a wide network. However, despite being involved with many people, when it comes to deep and meaningful friends, I have but a few.

Maryana Garcia - #LivingLit

We all want to live lives worth writing about. Whether you think your life’s a novel, a script, a poem, a song, or something more indefinable, you can be sure of one thing: we are all works in progress. Living Lit is a #humpday hoorah about finding inspiration in the stories that surround us. It’s about how reading and writing in the Waikato can help us to discover the epicness in others and in ourselves.