National Poetry Day - The Hopes of Our Generation

This is the day of the poet. That's not just because it's Aotearoa's National Poetry Daytoday. Poetry readership is skyrocketing. That's not just a numbers thing either, several studies are now showing that poetry also has one of the most diverse readerships out of the different types of writing available for audiences. Social media poetry is huge. People even write blogs about poetry (like this one, and this one).  But what is all the fuss about? Why do we have a National Poetry Day?

Maryana Garcia - #LivingLit

We all want to live lives worth writing about. Whether you think your life’s a novel, a script, a poem, a song, or something more indefinable, you can be sure of one thing: we are all works in progress. Living Lit is a #humpday hoorah about finding inspiration in the stories that surround us. It’s about how reading and writing in the Waikato can help us to discover the epicness in others and in ourselves.