The Monday Crew - Maungakawa

Ben, Jono and Max

A dreary day with chances of thunderstorms were our forecast for this week. Not ideal conditions for the #mondaycrew, but give us thunder and we’ll find a way to make thunderade. I think that’s how the saying goes.

Photo by The Monday Crew

Photo by The Monday Crew

Our trio joined up in the majestic Cambridge and today’s quest was decided upon. We had two options for today’s mission; drive to Morrinsville, hijack the mega cow, sell it and live off the earnings or go for a scenic drive up the picturesque Maungakawa Hill.

After some heated debates we decided the latter was the better option for the sustainability of the #mondaycrew. Situated on the outskirts of Cambridge, an easy 15 minute drive was all that stood between us and the wonderful Maungakawa, boasting extensive views of the Waikato, Hauraki Plains and on clear days Ruapehu and Taranaki.

The wonderful Maungakawa, boasting extensive views of the Waikato

Ben was quick to remind us that he used to regularly run up this hill (he calls it a mountain) in training for his Sir Edmund Hillary Multi Sport training. The thought of those little legs powering up this winding hill was enough to keep us going, or should I say the car going. Not all heros wear capes. Today’s activities paralleled Ben’s glory day efforts, as we also sweated and heaved making our way through our Pappa’s pizzas at the summit.

People that are familiar with Maungakawa may know that it is also referred to as Sanitorium Hill. This is because it was owned by the government in the late 1800’s as a tuberculosis sanitorium or retreat. We too were feeling a bit under the weather, more so because of the rain and hail that was falling on us though. There aren’t many remains left from the Sanitorium Hill except a small concrete shelter and blossom trees planted back then.

The #mondaycrew did manage to find some angelic spots on the various picnic tables at the top, watching the ominous lightning storm roll in over the hills that lay in front of us.

Unfortunately due to the weather we weren’t able to complete, or even start, the picturesque 30 minute Maungakawa walk. It is meant to be an easy 30 minute walk which can be enjoyed with friends, but unfortunately not your canine friends, according to the DOC site. This hill and lookout is the perfect location for a picnic, spot of meditation, or romantic Tinder date. Ben take notes.

Unfortunately the rain cut our date short, but another Monday was thoroughly enjoyed by the Monday crew. Finding time to spend with friends and appreciate the wonders that lay around us in the Waikato is what we are all about. If you know of any great spots that we should visit or want to join us on our escapades, let us know through the Seed Waikato Facebook page.

Walk Time: 30 minutes (on a good day!)
Driving time from Hamilton: 30ish minutes