Louise Hutt | Hamilton City Council | Mayor and Hamilton West

This blog is part of a series of blogs profiling all candidates standing for Councils across the region who are 35 or under as we aim to increase youth engagement in local politics. Seed Waikato is non-partisan.

Our millennial mayoral candidate is so much more than her age. Louise Hutt is the youngest CEO of an electricity company in New Zealand, a board member of local sustainability charity Go Eco, an award-winning creative who recently graduated with her Master's in Media and Creative Technologies, and one of Hamilton City Council's 30-Under-30. She works at the crossroads of technology, social enterprise, media, and sustainability every day, and having experienced our housing, poverty, and mental health epidemics first hand - she understands the reality we face right now, as well as the potential we have for the future.

"Our city should be one we can be proud of, which looks after us and looks like us, where we feel safe and celebrated - and let's start making that a reality now.”

- Louise Hutt

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Q&A with Louise!

Louise has not yet provided her Q&A answers. Check back later for more content!