Kesh Naidoo-Rauf | Hamilton City Council | Hamilton East

This blog is part of a series of blogs profiling all candidates standing for Councils across the region who are 35 or under as we aim to increase youth engagement in local politics. Seed Waikato is non-partisan.


Kesh is a mum, a wife, a community pharmacist, business owner and an ethnically diverse, sensible, practical young woman living in the beautiful city of Hamilton. She lives in the suburb of Enderley, and co-own busy and successful pharmacy businesses in Rototuna and Te Rapa. She is South African by birth, Indian by ethnicity, Fijian-Indian-Muslim by marriage and has a 100% Kiwi can-do attitude. She wants sustainability measures to be a way of life, social inclusion to be the norm, mental and physical health and wellbeing to be a priority for the rich and poor and the most vulnerable communities being offered an equal opportunity to thrive.

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