Millennial Monopoly | Business, Baking & Big Dreams | Farah Noor Mohammed

Photo credit:  MHB Photography

Photo credit: MHB Photography

Balancing a demanding career, being an entrepreneur and exercising a passion for our region is all in a days work for the inspiring Farah Mohammed.

Farah was born in beautiful India, in the region she describes as ‘happening’; Tamil Nadu. She now resides in our wonderful Waikato region, finding a base in Hamilton. 

She has a great mind, and a great knack for helping people. Farah has a Masters in Exercise Science, specialising in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Prescribing exercises for chronic injuries and illnesses, to explain it in the most basic way) and now works as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Empower, a women’s gym! 

She is also a passionate, baker, self-taught none-the-less. She has turned this passion into a bakery business; That Tamil Girl Bakes. 

Farah loves Hamilton and its young ‘tron’ culture. She’s experienced many positive people in our young city, who always seem to have time for her. The central location keeps her loving where she is, being so close to other great regions and activities like the snow clad mountains like Ruapehu, and beautiful beaches like Mt Maunganui and Raglan, not to mention Hamilton’s bustling café culture and primo coffee cuppas .

 Her other passions include travel, and experiencing as many international cuisines as possible. 

Photo credit:  MHB Photography

Photo credit: MHB Photography

What is the biggest misconception about the Waikato? And what do you think the best way to combat this is?

The biggest misconception about the Waikato is that it is not a ‘happening place’ in the country compared to the other big centres like Auckland and Wellington.

The best way to combat this is never be judgmental or judge a book by its cover. People should come to the Waikato to experience its magic. I can guarantee they wouldn’t be disappointed. 

How did you find your purpose?

I explored the things I loved to do and dove deeper into what came easy to me. I often ask myself what qualities I enjoyed about other people and try to express those to the world myself, while following some guidance from within.

If you could wave a magic wand and rid the world of one thing, what would it be and why?

If I could wave a magic wand and eradicate one thing of the world it would be in-equality and to eradicate discrimination. No one should be discriminated against because of their differences — race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other reason.

Addressing the inequality aspect, I would love to someday see a global minimum wage, or to go even further with it and ensure that wealth is evenly distributed across all people in the world. 

What has been the biggest challenge you have encountered on your journey so far, and how did you overcome it? 

The biggest challenge I have encountered on my life journey so far was the fear to try out something new.

To overcome it I just had to dive head first without any hesitation or procrastination. Success means we’re able to share with other people our accomplishments, and inspire other peoples, and when failure happens there’s always still a lesson to learn.

What do you do to practice self-love and maintain positive mental health?

I like to take breaks for myself and go for what seem like never ending drives around the beautiful Waikato region.

I often practice gratitude for the people and experiences in my life. I like to spend time in my garden and try to talk to new people and always, smile a lot.

What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

"Grades are just a piece of paper, it is acquisition of knowledge that you have to be after." 

My husband told me that, and it has stuck with me as a great piece of advice.

What do you think we need to do as young people to support each other more?

Keep supporting and encouraging each other, no matter what.

Try and be someone who fixes another person's crown, without telling the world that it was crooked.

Where do you see yourself and your goals, in five years?

I see myself being a very content person first with whatever goals I had set out for me in life. I also see myself having a beautiful family with my husband, and kids.

Photo credit:  MHB Photography

Photo credit: MHB Photography

 If you want to know more about Farah and follow her journey, follow her via That Tamil Girl Bakes!