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This is a blog post about blogging. Why write it? Because it's true. 

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Why blog?

Those last two sentences kind of sum up why bloggers blog in the first place. To share. What's worth sharing? The truth. Now that might seem vague, or maybe an oversimplification but (not to be cliche or anything) it's true. To put it another way, here's a quote I found by an anonymous writer whom I assume is a blogger:

Blogging is not rocket science. It's about being yourself.

It's about authenticity. No one is more authentically you than - well - you. It's about helping others to see the world the way that you do. So if you're a sports person, if you're obsessed with stamps, or if you think world history can be summed up in Pantone colours -  you could have an idea worth writing about. You don't need to worry about being original. You already are. Blogging is about getting real about the world and about our place in it.


Please note: That doesn't mean you have to have yourself figured out from the get go. Blogging can help to figure things out (like I am figuring out this post as I write it). Blogging can be a platform for learning, reflection and feedback. It's important to remember that authenticity is also a process. I was recently reminded that balance is not a permanent state unless you stop moving. But if we want to walk forward, climb mountains, or plank, then balancing is a continuous process of adjusting. That's what it takes to learn. 

Blogging is also about growing. Bloggers challenge themselves to be better writers, to learn and to be open. The way that they do this of course is through producing great content. 

What is a blog?

A blog is a piece of writing (most often posted online) that takes the form and tone of a diary or journal entry. Bloggers write about their opinions, thoughts, and experiences. They can be informative, inspirational, challenging, or a combination of all three and more. In other words, the blog is a fluid genre of writing with styles and content as diverse as the bloggers themselves. 

Here are some examples of blog sources worth reading (in no particular order): 

1. Medium


Of course, it goes without saying that there are many many more local blogs to choose from. But the above sites were chosen to show how different one blog can be from another. Check out our awesome Seed Bloggers if you don't believe me. Even if you think your story is being told, remember that no two people can tell one story exactly the same way. The Waikato is full to the brim with awesome stories.

And with great stories come great responsibility.

What responsibility? The responsibility to share. To tell your story. To spread the truth. Now we've come full circle. And I think some of you readers will have already figured out ages ago where I was going with this but just in case you haven't...

Seed needs you.

The Waikato needs you to write the kind of blog you've been searching Google for. All you need to do is be yourself. To write sincerely. We want to hear your voice in our space. To see your words splashed loud online. We need political writers, sports writers, food writers, budget writers, travel writers, culture writers, community writers. Whether yours is a trail blazing perspective or a new way of looking at something small, you could be our next Seed blogger. So is something on your mind? Then hustle...

Have your say.

Email Maryana at seedwaikato@gmail.com. We are always keen to have more bloggers join our team.