Introducing Our Seed Bloggers


2018 is here! And with it comes a whole new year of inspirational blogging. Seed is proud to host a space that has become home to the words of writers, creatives, adventurers, sportspeople and leaders of all kinds.  So we want our first post of the year to celebrate the incredible voices that have shared their thoughts and stories with us. 

Without further ado, we'd like to (re)introduce you to our bloggers and their awesome work:

Ryan O'Connor

Since the beginning, Ryan has been instrumental in sparking ideas for Seed. As a blogger, Ryan continues to inspire refreshing ways of thinking about the world. His blog expresses his thoughts on the search for “success”.

Ryan's podcast can be found under The Stag Roar or on YouTube. You can also connect with Ryan through Twitter and Instagram


I explore...

what success might look like, what it might mean, and how I went about achieving it. I believe success needs redefining away from money and assets, and should consider, state of mind, freedom, meaningful connectivity and joy.

Amy McLean

Amy is the founder of Let’s Lead and M4 Collective, a professional coach and consultant for dreamers, doers and believers. She’s passionate about supporting others to dive deep and really identify their own journey to success, in whatever form that might be. Her blog posts are full of wellness hacks for everyone from the self-proclaimed go-getters to the last-out-of-bed dreamers. 

You can learn more about Amy and Let's Lead on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


It's all about...

re-energizing, recharging, keeping healthy and happy, and reducing the stress in our lives. Self-care should never be a chore, it should be something you enjoy and feels good.

Katie Babbott

Author of 'Change in the Making', Katie works as a therapist for Youth Horizons Trust, and is finishing up a master’s thesis on community mental health interventions. When she isn’t working, you can find her running the river trails or volunteering with community organizations - StarJam, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hamilton, and the Serve. A nominee for a Young New Zealander of the Year award, Katie spends a lot of time advocating for community engagement, and encouraging others to get involved. She looks forward to using her blogging platform to facilitate dialogue and growth, and to help other young leaders to step up and do the same.

1510613223927 (1).jpg

I would encourage...

I would encourage you to think of love as a verb. By intentionally actioning this principle and using the problems in our community to motivate us, we can be part of creating change.

The Monday Crew

This trio need no introduction but we will give it a go anyway. They are gallivanting adventurers. Mountain climbers. Friend makers. Our very first bloggers. They are Jono, Ben, and Max. They are the Monday Crew. They may be on a break from blogging (while they chase wilderpeople through the jungles of professional New Zealand) but the stories of their escapades are always worth visiting both for the laughs and a dose of real Kiwi spirit.


The end goal...

is to climb Everest with nothing but an up and go and a one square meal each. In the mean time we’ll travel around the Waikato documenting some of the amazing walks the region has to offer.

Danielle Roberts

Danielle is a nutritionist, healer and wellness coach in the Waikato. Holistic Living is about tackling wellness on all fronts. It's a blog about learning on a spiritual level, healing mentally/emotionally limiting belief systems, and nutrient dense nutrition. Danielle's writing is packed with helpful advice and valuable learnings. 

You can reach out to Danielle via Facebook,Instagram or through her website


I am passionate about...

educating and empowering the community to understand the ways they can heal all aspects of their lives; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I desire to "plant the seeds" for the community on how they can transform their lives holistically in this way.

Nikita Brown

Radiate is a positive and uplifting read. The blog is a collection of wisdom gained from a wealth of experiences. Nikita writes honestly and passionately about mental wellness. She even gives tips and strategies that really work. Radiate helps readers to see that: 

The biggest lesson

in the journey is learning. Learn about yourself, learn what you love to do, learn from what worked and what didn’t. If you see it isn’t working, be flexible in your approach. Most importantly, if there is an idea that you have your heart set on then never give up.

Holly Bennett

Our newest blogger, Holly (Te Arawa, Ngati Whakaue, Ngati Pikiao) is a lawyer and Director of her own Government Relations Firm, HSB Consulting. Most recently Holly worked on the other side of the industry in which she now operates: as an Advisor in the Beehive. One of her most cherished memories is watching our triumphant All Black’s Rugby World Cup celebration parade from the Prime Minister’s balcony.

Holly is a keen supporter of New Zealand’s new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs: challenging them to think big and be bold. Like any millennial she is partial to the odd Snapchat selfie.

S.C selfie.JPG

The public service...

machinery is expansive and often slow moving. My blog will be a chance to think about, and engage with, Government, Parliament and Politics in a new way. And yes, while all those three things are similar they are also different! 

Maryana Garcia

Maryana is a poet to the core. She is passionate about the power of storytelling. LivingLit is about finding inspiration in the stories that surround us. It’s about how reading and writing in the Waikato can help us to discover the epicness in others and in ourselves. If you like what you read, check out more of Maryana's poetic experiments on Instagram


What can you expect?

Poetry, playlists, book reviews, mindful travelogues, creative events and opportunities around the Waikato. Each post will share stories and resources to help us #LiveLit.

Do you have a story worth sharing?

Email Maryana at We are always keen to have more bloggers join our team.