Amy McLean - 6 Ways to Grab Your Wellness Fix in the Waikato

When you’re constantly on the go, with study, work and life in general, grabbing your wellness fix when you can is super important. From a good sweat session, to some mind-body connecting, to soul nourishing foods, here’s the lowdown on the must visit places in the Waikato.


1. Hakarimata Stairs – Getting out in nature, with fresh air and sunshine is one of my all-time favourite things to do. And if I’m looking for a challenge, the Hakarimata Stairs sure provides that. Over the year's it’s become super popular so you might even make a few friends on your way to the summit! Be sure to take lots of water on a hot day and enjoy the view from the top.

2. Nourish Pod – If you’re a CBD local, Nourish Pod is a must visit on your next brunch outing. Think smoothie in a bowl, full of wholefood and superfood goodness. I’ll be honest, they have so many good options on the menu, it’s hard to pick sometimes. So I say try them all! 

3. Hot Yoga House – I’m not going to lie, before trying Bikram Yoga for the first time I had some serious doubts I would even make it through a whole class. But seriously guys, it was AWESOME. Yes you will work up a massive sweat. Yes you will stretch. Yes it is hot. And yes it is so good for you. 

Wellness is all about balancing your mind, body and spirit. When all are in balance, you have harmony. 

4. Les Mills Hamilton GRIT class – Les Mills is known for their amazing group fitness classes, all over the world in fact. So to be able to get in on the action here in Hamilton is pretty cool. If you’re like me and time is hard to come by, Les Mills GRIT classes are the ultimate use of time and energy. They’re 30 minutes of high intensity interval training, designed to drive results. You can even grab a free pass here.

5. Punnet Café – Destination cafes are seriously ‘a thing’ so next time you’re meeting your mates for green tea and raw slices, head out to Punnet Cafe. Their rustic look and feel creates an awesome give all year round. Special bonus over summer, their real fruit ice cream is definitely one you need to try! The strawberries come straight from their own fields where they even let you pick your own strawberries.

6. Taitua Arboretum – A little slice of country life hidden on the skirts of the city, with a beautiful nature walk and several spots for you to stop off and channel your Inner Zen. You’re surrounded by trees, birds, peace, tranquility and a little following of chickens who love walking with their visitors. 

What are your go-to spots in the Waikato for keeping your mind, body and soul humming? Let us know!


Amy McLean

Amy McLean is the founder of Let’s Lead and M4 Collective, a life and business coach and consultant for dreamers, doers and believers. She’s passionate about supporting others to dive deep and really identify their own journey to success, in whatever form that might be.