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Craving Clarity

We often crave a sense of knowing “what to do next.”

It is now 9.20pm, having just finished a 10-hour working day. I’m sitting in bed, listening to gentle sound of rain outside as I reflect on what’s come up for me this week. It’s peaceful and still which has allowed the chaos in my head to slow down.

I’ve noticed that this week, more than ever before that I’m constantly seeking out the next step without clarity of what I want, rather than focusing on the step I’m taking now.


Urgency alone is not enough. There has to be clarity, guiding our urgency so we spend our passion on the few things that truly matter.

So what is clarity really and what gets in our way of having it? 

Clarity is about having space isn't it… a clearing out so you can see, feel, hear, touch, smell what is really right here, right now—in your mind, your home, your business and even in your body. 


When you desire clarity, what are you really looking for? Aren't you really in pursuit of an answer? Stay in this relationship or move on? Manifest an inspired idea for business, a new design, a painting, my book? Take that new job or keep the one I have? Fix up my home or move to a new one? Buy the purple flowers or the red ones? Order bottled water or tap? 

Big or small, we all want the answer—someone or some sign to appear like a bolt of lightning to tell us what we need to do.  

Awaken the mind without fixing it anywhere. Kungo Kyo

The thing about clarity, is that it is just as unique as each of us. We get to decide what we want. There is a quality of simplicity that comes into view when we become clear, and when we become clear we create movement—the energy of moving forward. This is what we crave… this is why we crave clarity in our minds, body and even our physical space, because when we are clear we are free from angst and suffering. 


We came into this world with this craving and when we grasp or attach too hard to it, we actually push it away because this clutching energy creates an energy block. It stops the flow of clarity.  

The work will teach you how to do it. Estonian Proverb

Clarity flows by creating a natural practice of flow. Practice begins with believing you deserve the time to dedicate yourself to it. This begins the process. Enjoy your practice and the clarity that comes with it.

Become more aware of the areas where you need greater information – which assists you to prioritise. Take the opportunity to step back and reflect/reconsider before decision making. Do the work, so that you have the clarity for your next move.

I hope this serves you.



Nikita Brown

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