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A Happy Introduction

I’m so excited to be part of the Seed Community, where ideas are thrown around like confetti and you leave the space feeling inspired. Chances are, you will have no idea who I am, so here is a bit about me.  

I am Nikita, a South African born New Zealander, recently back in Hamilton after 5 years in Melbourne. Those who know me well would describe me as a depression slaying woman warrior who works to help those navigating the ups and downs of Depression. My life mission is to create a world that is full of joy, fun, laughter, connection, love and purpose.

 Image by Nikita Brown

Image by Nikita Brown

I have pursued many careers, during which I discovered how important it was for me to have more of an impact on others. I completed a course at the Life Coaching College in Melbourne to become a certified Life Coach to pursue her passion in helping anyone wanting to live a life beyond any placed limitations.

I have experienced first-hand, the lows of living with Depression, having done a lot of self-work to kick the big D word to the curb with an impressive KO. Nikita dedicates her time to share the experience with other’s in a hope that Depression is better understood and that anyone suffering can again grasp the concepts of happiness, joy, peace, self-love and freedom in whichever way is beneficial to them.

The above is me in a nutshell.

I am super passionate about our unique human qualities and the inner strength we have. We were all created equal and it is only in our minds, that we disbelieve the potential we harness. Having spoken to many people from all walks of life through my coaching, I have taken to writing as a tool to help understand myself better and to open conversations about topics that seem to come up time and time again. I also talk from personal experiences and I share what I have learnt.

One more thing I’d like to do before moving on, is to acknowledge and thank you personally for bringing the rad beauty that you do to the world. Wherever you are, whatever you are experiencing, is just a moment in time with massive possibilities. You have your own power to re-ignite your self-love and aspirations for life. So, today’s topic is …. 

Start Where You Are.

How many of you, are waiting for the right time to start a project, or embark on a journey? My guess is that there are many reasons why you wait and continue to deny your hearts calling.

The only way to get to where you are going, from where you are, is to do the work. Start with an idea, brainstorm what your vision looks like, feels like, who your audience will be and then tell people about it. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with people that have experience with what you are trying to create. Listen to the feedback, whether you follow the advice or not, you may receive some insight that you hadn’t thought of before.

Vocalising your idea is the quickest way to make it real to yourself and also plant the seed of your idea. If someone is interested in collaboration or has heard of someone that can help, then those opportunities can only present themselves if you’re open to hearing about them.

The biggest lesson in the journey is learning. Learn about yourself, learn what you love to do, learn from what worked and what didn’t. If you see it isn’t working, be flexible in your approach. Most importantly, if there is an idea that you have your heart set on then never give up. It may take months or years to develop but with every hurdle and lesson your idea grows stronger and becomes fully grown.

You will walk away transformed with new-found hope, with clarity in your purpose, with upgraded mindsets to see it through, and practical tools to actually make it happen. 

“Sometimes courage doesn’t roar, sometimes it’s that little
  voice saying I will try again tomorrow.” 
                                                                 ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

For myself, it took starting from where I was and getting out of my own way to begin writing which has led me to this exact moment.

I never planned to have depression nor did I take into account how much I could learn and grow from it. It transformed my entire life to make sense where things never did before. I gained a new perspective and with that came a new way of being. Truth is, there are many circumstances that get sprung on us without warning. It’s not about what happens, but rather how you respond to that.

After being so closed off due to Depression, opening up about my true experiences played a major part in my healing journey through which I’ve discovered a passion and a strength. Acting fiercely after years of indecision has being life changing and freeing. It has allowed me to become more of myself and work to help others invest in their potential.

Starting where you are, is about honouring yourself and speaking your truth, which others will recognise and identify with when their time is right.

Here are 6 strategies that have improved my life dramatically, allowing me to start where am I and work every day to make things better.

1. Start each morning with setting your Intention for the day ahead.

2. Positive self-talk (reframing negative thoughts and emotions) to
     live free of comparisons, expectations and judgement.

3. Meditation and Breathing techniques that you can practice
    anywhere, anytime.

4. Physical Exercise from a walk-in nature to cleaning, running, going
     to the gym or whatever you find possible to do.

5. Be of Service to Others which means being a blessing to everyone
     you meet.

6. End your day with what I call the Attitude of Gratitude.

Seeing as this post is already a novel, tune in next time and I will explain these five things in detail, how I use them on the daily and the impact applying these changes have made.

P.S If you know of anyone who is suffering or needs help, delay the judgement or misunderstanding for just a moment and speak to the professionals. It could save a life.

Always remember that you matter. Your purpose matters and that there is only one of you. Live up to your potential and your life will never be the same again.

Much love,



Nikita Brown

You can connect with Nikita via Instagram.