Mandy Huser - Safe

You are safe here to be fully, wildly you.

What will it take you to let go? To surrender? What is holding you back?

You are safe here.


I know it hasn’t always felt this way. I know you’ve put your magic out into the world and the world didn’t respond the way you wanted, the way that made you feel nurtured and seen. But this doesn’t mean you should dim your light.

You are safe here.

 I can see your light. You shine. But can you? Explore that. Where is it hiding? Maybe you tucked it deep inside from a moment of shame, or embarrassment, or rejection. Maybe you shined so damn brightly as a child and you were torn down. 

But you know – you know you shined once, oh bright one. So you can shine again.

You are safe here to be fully you.

What do you crave? Maybe it’s being wild in nature, with untameable hair and feet nestled into the earth. Maybe it’s sinking into the feminine, wearing makeup and your favourite dress and feeling like the damn gorgeous goddess you are. Maybe it’s both simultaneously.

Let go of the resistance. You are allowed to crave those things, and you are allowed to have them. You are allowed to be wildly yourself.

The more fear you have of being fully you, the more intimidating and scary it is, the closer you are to freedom. The closer you are to expansion. The closer you are to love.

You are safe here to be fully, wildly you.

Go on. It’s time.


Mandy Huser

Mandy also shares her thoughts on life, growth, and meaning on Instagram. You can also visit her website.