Kirstie Dawson-Smith - DIY Dessert Box

It’s almost the end of the year and things are getting busy as we get closer to 2019. We start thinking about holidays, Christmas and one of the most stressful parts…. Gifts! Who hates gift shopping? It’s time-consuming, it can get expensive, and at times you know what you want to buy - but it’s just out of your reach! I know a lot of people who love to create their own presents rather than buying one from a shop. There’s an element of creativity and a personal touch to it.


At the moment, there’s a lot of buzz online (both positive and negative) about dessert boxes. There are multiple companies that have popped up, selling the same product essentially, but with slight variations. A dessert box is a box filled with sweet treats - donuts, cupcakes, chocolates, candy, flowers, macarons etc.These boxes are ordered online, and delivered to the lucky person. These boxes range from $40 up to $100. I’ve done a little bit of digging, and have put together a gift box that’s easier on the pocket.

The thing to remember is to get creative! Customise your gift box with treats that the recipient likes. And if you pardon the pun, think outside the box! Throw in random accessories like popcorn for a movie night, face masks or makeup sponges. Come up with a theme, and go for gold.


Use the large, medium and small concept as a guide. Large items as the centerpiece, medium ones for some decoration and small ones to fill in the gaps.

Filling ideas:

  • Donuts

  • Cupcakes

  • Macarons

  • Cookies

  • Lamingtons

  • Fun sized Chocolate bars

  • Peanut butter cups

  • M&Ms

  • Marshmallows

  • Popcorn

  • Pods

For mine, I spent less than $30. I chose blue as my primary colour, then worked around that. If you’re using a box to store it, find one that is sturdy. To keep it low cost, I used a cake box with a cake board at the bottom to support it. The donuts are from Epiphany Cafe (Waikato business woop!) and I used mini chocolate bars, marshmallows and popcorn to fill the empty spaces. (Don’t worry you’ll have some pieces leftover to snack on!)

Get creative and happy gifting!


Kirstie Dawson-Smith

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