Kirstie Dawson-Smith - Making Profit from Passion

The word passion is described as “a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something”. Passion ranges from an interest, to admiration or even obsession. To me, passion is one of the strongest emotions we can feel. Once the mind fixates on something, it’s very hard to get it out. What I’m passionate about at a certain time will drive my thoughts and behaviours.

The word profit is described as “to obtain a financial advantage or benefit”. But really profit occurs when the resulting output is greater than the initial input. Profit is most associated with business and commerce, and is linked with riches.

What happens when we put these two together? It’s a new kind of excitement.


Business is something that has always interested me. Since high school, I knew I wanted to run my own business and pursue that as a career path. But I never knew what kind of business that would be. I didn’t know whether that would be in the form of a cafe, a clothing line or through an online outlet.

Over time I got myself into different “businesses”, ranging from designing and selling custom t-shirts, to selling beauty supplies and to cooking and dishing up food at a market stall. I got over these quickly because there was a common denominator, I wasn’t passionate about these things. I didn’t wake up thinking about it or go to sleep thinking about it.

Once your head and heart align, a kind of synergy happens. Your motivation picks up because you’re living and breathing that thing. Working late nights becomes easier because you were thinking about that thing anyways. Your hard work now has fun mixed into it.


I spent years finding my passion, and I’ll admit I’m still exploring, but I know that blogging is something that gets me excited and something I think about often. I was at a bloggers meet up a while ago, and I said to someone “I treat my blog like my business, because I want it to eventually be one”. I try to be strategic with my blog (when I can) and look for opportunities of growth. Someone then turned and said to me “I don’t think you should be doing it for money… That’s not a good reason to be doing it”. Although she herself was getting paid for her blogging and often got sent free things because of her blog. That made me feel guilty for a second; but then I told myself that making money isn’t wrong. Being able to do what you enjoy and be able to earn a bit of income from it is awesome.


Passion comes in all forms. Whether it’s cake-making, gardening or hitting the gym. If there’s a way that your passion can reward you in monetary ways, why not explore it? Think outside the box because the quirky ideas will excite you. If you’re skilled at something and you love it and feel you can earn some money, give it a go.


Kirstie Dawson-Smith

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