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Living with Peace

How much peace do you have in your life?

With the rat race life we now live in; the societal pressures and self imposed pressures to “win at life”, we often miss the most valuable of gems. The treasures that are true gifts which would propel all our desires and our purpose/success driven goals into greatness, without the need for stress, anxiety and depression. One of these gems is peace. Without peace, we have no stable foundation for love and happiness to grow off. Take a moment to think about times when you have been anxious, depressed or stressed and whether or not you have love or happiness growing from those states. Now think about times where you have felt peace and contentment, how much love and happiness grew from those experiences?


When we are anxious we are living in the future, with this we can experience fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of things going wrong. When we are depressed we are living in the past, possibly experiencing regret, disappointment, heartbreak, guilt, judgement, anger and much more. When we are in these states we become ungrounded meaning we are not present in the moment. When you are ungrounded more than you are grounded you are living without peace, contentment and stability.There is nothing bad about having  experiences of anxiety or depression, all humans do as we all have experiences (to varying degrees) and lessons we need to learn from in order to grow and evolve. Each of these emotions, thoughts and belief systems that are linked to are within our consciousness and show themselves to us so that we can learn from them and heal them. It is important and perfectly healthy to experience these states. However, what is not healthy, is allowing yourself to stay in them.

Everyone is different and healing is a process that takes time.

So love yourself and allow yourself the time and space without judgement and expectation to experience these states but then do something about them. Our healing journeys are all very individual, I would be writing encyclopedia type novels around this topic if I was to address everything. So, right now I will bring in the idea of a simple grounding practice that everyone - no matter what their journey - can start with and implement everyday to help bring more peace to their lives, so more love and happiness can be felt, more frequently and for longer periods of time.

Note: that we will continue to always have tests and lessons to grow from in life but with greater self-awareness and self-healing, you can move through those times with greater peace and grace.

Sometimes people fear being at peace and feeling content in their life because to them they fear complacency or loss of motivation because they are not part of the scattered rat race like everyone else. However being grounded means, we gain greater peace,which means we have more energy, more motivation, more inspiration, more passion, greater health, greater insights and wisdom. Therefore, you become successful in greater aspects of your life than just the physical, now you are creating success physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Introducing your energy to the practice of Grounding (or Earthing as some like to call it)

Whether we realise it or not, we are not just physical flesh, we are also energy. In fact everything in existence is energy. We can read this energy unconsciously or consciously when we have experiences of “feeling someone’s vibe” or we feel places and say things like “that place had an amazing vibe”. To some extent most people have experienced this. When we have these moments our energy is meeting the energy of another person or another space and we are feeling the change in energy. This is because we are feeling the difference of our own vibe to the other persons or other spaces vibe (vibe is short for vibration, which is another term for frequency and frequencies are energy waves). When we are anxious our energy is in the future, when we are depressed our energy is in the past, when we are stressed our energy is scattered and all over the place. To bring all our energy back into the moment and feel peace, we can practice GROUNDING.

What is grounding?

Grounding is where we intentionally connect to the Earth. It is a science in it’s on right, where by our energy connects to the electromagnetic currents of the earth. You can think about it like electricity. When electricity is unearthed it will be scattered sparking all over the place, this creates problems and there is no proper flow of electricity to power our appliances etc. Well same with our energy, if it is ungrounded we lose our energy sparking all over the place and we have no proper flow to create greatness and power our lives; as we will be living in constant states of anxiety or depression.

A simple grounding technique is to take time each day (preferably more than once) to walk on the grass or amongst trees barefoot, with the intention of connecting your energy down into the earth. Anything to do with nature and being in nature is grounding and therapeutic.

However, you can ground anywhere, even in a plane, just by visualising (seeing in your mind) your feet on the earth. However when getting used to the practice its good to have the physical experiences and connections so you can experience the feeling of peace and have experiences you can revisit in your visualisations. When grounding allow yourself some time to really focus on bringing in peace and feeling the peace within you.

Happy grounding and may your life be blessed with more peace, love and happiness!


Danielle Roberts

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