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A Future of Health and Happiness

Unfortunately, the keys to our health and happiness are not going to be found in magic pills, or diets. I’m sure you have heard this all before. As a young Nutritionist, Healer and Wellness Coach in the Waikato I have been seeing a trend with all ages and sexes.


People are becoming more aware of the importance of holistic health.

That trend is a shift from the diet mindset to one of seeking a good relationship with food and their bodies. This has been a great step forward. However, I have also been noticing an increase of clients coming to me who have anxiety and/or depression within the past few months alone. This tells me that we are now seriously needing to look greater into the holistic approach to our health and happiness. This is an approach I have been working with for the past 4 years.

My own health and wellness battles created my focus on holistic health and wellness.

It came about through my own health and wellness struggles with an eating disorder, anxiety, depression and a hormonal condition called Endometriosis. I came to the realisation that no matter what I did physically I still wasn’t able to heal my body. This was because my body was being affected by root causes that were mental and emotional stresses. I still had the same mental and emotional stress patterns that resurfaced in my life in different ways. I had, had enough. It wasn’t until I started to learn about myself on deeper spiritual levels, worked on healing my mental/ emotional limiting belief systems, and integrated this with nutrient dense nutrition and exercise that suited my body; then my body started to heal. To me, to heal in this way is going to be a massive step forward for our ability to become healthier and happier. This is because more and more people are becoming aware that stress of any kind creates huge imbalances in our biological organs and organ systems in our bodies’.

The greatest keys to achieving health and happiness are addressing our mental and emotional stressors.

The growing trend seems to be that we are now heading into a time where individually, and as a society in general, we are awakening to our inability to keep sweeping under the carpet, our limiting thoughts, negative emotions and situations in our lives that bring us pain. This means, to achieve greater health and happiness we need to address and heal these issues. The problem is that we haven’t ever been taught how to! We are not taught to take time to be with ourselves to go within and to learn to become more self-aware, to find spaces of peace and love within ourselves, to be in a space of forgiveness for all that has and is bringing us pain.


Start healing yourself by discovering who are on deeper levels through practicing non-judgemental awareness.

Here I have touched on the idea that most of our health and happiness issues arise from mental and emotional issues. Start a personal self-discovery journal, not just writing about your feelings but start to write down how you are reacting mentally and emotionally to people, situations and things in your life. For example, we can often feel unworthy or not good enough to achieve certain things in our lives. To me this reflects a deep societal issue that many of us have and it comes from a lack of self-love, lack of self-acceptance and judgement. Many may think they don’t have this issue, and yet they do on quite deep levels. 

The lesson here is that mentally and emotionally there is a need to transform the not so great thoughts to thoughts and emotions of peace, love, compassion, acceptance and harmony. When you can observe yourself on these deep levels and be completely honest with yourself this means you are open to healing, growing and learning. This is allowing you to open up the doors of change by taking responsibility for your healing and personal development. By taking responsibility for your healing you can already claim about your inner power and you feel less like a victim to the situations or people in your life. In fact we can be in gratitude for those situations and people as they act as teachers for you to see what it is in your consciousness (your perception of your state of being) that you are needing to heal mentally and emotionally.

Writing for self-healing and development.

Sit in a quiet space and focus on your heart space (centre of your chest). Then call in the highest love and highest light to be around you (allowing a safe space to be created for you and your healing, you should feel a deeper peace and love coming around you). Then write (do this daily), even when you think you have nothing to write about just take 10 minutes to write about how you are growing and/or what areas you are feeling blocked in.

Start to love and accept who you are by greeting yourself every morning in the mirror.

Go to the mirror and stand in front of it. Look into your eyes and focus there for a moment. Call in love and appreciation as you look into your eyes. Speak words of kindness and love to yourself (doesn’t have to be out loud). For example, “I love you, you are enough”, “Thank you for being you, I love you”. Just allow whatever positive words to flow. As you do this you may find your ego mind desires to get in the way, with negative thoughts like “you are just lying to yourself, that’s not you, who are you kidding” etc. Just say thank you for trying to protect me but I desire to focus only on the positive now. Those negative ego thoughts wish to keep us down and don’t desire us to find greater peace and love within ourselves. Make this a self-love act every day, as you brush your teeth, and see how it helps to fill you with more love and appreciation not just for yourself but for others also.


These steps are just starting blocks for you to start healing on deeper levels. There are many more pieces to the puzzle to healing. If there are issues you need help going deeper into then please feel free to reach out to me.


Danielle Roberts

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